VA - Tene Hat Vol. 1


Finally it is time!

After a bunch of rookie mistakes, illness and ordinary life dealings, it is done. Production wise, it is not perfect, the levels are a bit off, but the content is super!  From raw techno to sound experiments. Various artist from different scenes in Umeå, Stockholm, Skåne and Berlin.

The first release under the (KK) banner. Tene Hat Vol. 1. Limited to 50 cassettes.

Side A:

1. Wobbler - Tricot Liner

(Medverkande Mathias Brattberg och Johan Sturesson)

2. Simon Frank - Mmt Green B04 Ver3

4. pusSet Sakrecoer - Höstdimma

5. Body Hammer - The latest in dancefloor technology

6. Flacid - Return of the limp pimp (Pump it up)

7. Höganäs Acid Förening - Rymden E nog mindre än man tror

8. Nils Ekman - All at once

Side B:

1. Erik Jäähalli - The Bird Inside You

2. Coltello - Afraid of Nothing

3. David Tovar - 1480

4. Flacid - Turning Soft on You

5. Målgrupp - Mobila Liv

6. Ravga - Sema

7. Terrific Entirety - Lula 2502

8. Lars Siltberg & Anastasia Ax - SANDY (2013)

Available now at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, soon Burmans Musik Umeå, soon in some music shops in Stockholm. And all over from e-mail contact! 

(KK) 2013

"(…) Becoming a successful Artist today, without engaging your audience on social-media platforms, has become impossible (…)"

FINALY!!!!! a good reason to quit (ab)using this none-sens. And prove someone wrong in one shot!!!!
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